Structure of the universe must have begun with the big bang but it should be consisted of antimatter in the big bang. Both we cannot find antimatter and also the big bang moment seen to us as a singular behavior. Another thing is that the universe is accelerating expansion. In this article you can find description of these and similar issues.

The fist thing to point out that figure 1 should be understood well. Actually figure 2,3,4,5,6 is the same. In other words, each issue shows an aspect of the main topic. In the fıgure 3, low freq. known unıverse and at the fıgure 1, our 3 dimensioned unıverse are ın the same location. We are pointing to the same things.


I give the name known unıverse to the fıgure 1 is the same thing with the unıverse that we know. There are many parallels in this universe. We will see that what those parallels are.

The second thing to point out that there are universes have described as quantum solid in the figure. These universes start in 4 dimensional space and rises up to 11 dimensional space and each dimensions has different energy. 3 dimensional structure of our universe that goes up from the 11 dimensional universes but there is a difference that displacement of time and space. In other words, space dimensions of the environment we live return to time in quantum worlds or vice versa. When place remained as a single, time dimension tend to increase the size throughout all layers of quantum. In the figures, the insreasing thing is “the time” dimension. The space (location) is sized in one dimension and it is not in the figures. In addition to the 4 dimension space figures, there exist also one more space dimension.

We should know in detail appears in a quantum universes, all worlds, not only in case they are connected to the astral level. So we should think that likes a step. In the fugure 3 the downer thing is our known unıverse. Displaying the upper limit of the universe is the speed of light. Speed of light and gamma rays on the remaining regions are multiples of the quantum wave vibration rates go up. What we see as the speed of light for quantum wave vibration velocity.

As can be seen in Figure 1, against both the universe and the universe was formed at the same time. This situation needs to form 11-dimensional space with 2 membranes collision. Before going into the details of the collision of these two membranes matter, antimatter must know that such a structure. Membranes collide in this matter and are antimatter. So what actually is the opposite of collision of antimatter with matter? Figure 1 showed two sides of 11-dimensional space membranes region. I said, but they certainly need to know if the masses of material membrane’s names. They constitute a complete energy and mass, but collided.


Fıgure 2 Wave-Partical couple. Increase ın the partical mass decrease the frequency of partical vibration.

Thread particles in order to understand “quantum layers” need to understand the relationship. Figure 2 shows the particles and the wave properties of particles with the names of known unknowns are shown in the diagram. Shape the future of the atom will combine these two, but falls to the astral level, Proton 1 quantum double (4-dimensional space), quark 2 quantum doubles (5-dimensional space) … string 7 quantum doubles (10-dimensional space), equivalent to the need to know that. 7, in the shape of the particles are sorted. Name of unknown size, the number of particles that did the equivalent nomenclature.

The Big Bang and matter formation.

11-dimensional space, but we are interested in is said to be many membrane’s 2. +90 and -90 phase 3 are the shape they are like this membranes’ think. One of these membrane create us and the other one creates the anti matter. And because of the phase difference, we can not see them and they can not see us.  Here are the phases that oscillates membranes’ think. If you swing in opposite directions are both 90 ° and has a value of zero. Here are the currently perceive each other and the explosion occurs. (-180 And +180 values are the same thing).

Here is what we call the big bang begins. This explosion of matter and antimatter created the first start would be some moments. Here’s the original Big Bang takes place at that time. In that duration, matters are pulled by anti matters. Meanwhile, in a very short amount of time in the range of substances is not an explosion, but unable to destroy each other into the real big amount. Thus, is composed of two separate universes.

Increasing mass of the universe cools, the process continues and the first thing would be cords. Here are the big explosions in the form. But there is a very small masses and masses identified with the technology we have reached is not yet possible. Cooling is committed to gerçekleştikçe cords no longer becomes unstable. A little twine combines to create a new particle. One of these new particals eat the one of the time dimensions. Thus 10-dimensional strings 9-dimensional space is composed of a new space. We know this process until you create the layout develops. We know we can continue to follow the process of particles. 5-dimensional space, the stable element of the quarks form protons cooled 4-dimensional space element. Here, I say, but the proton-proton, neutron and electron understand what I mean. So, all 4-dimensional quantum world of atoms of elements forming stable elements. After that 4-dimensional space, elements of atoms, but in fact consists of atoms, but all the space

Description of a new universe for the lack of conceptual confusion in the meantime, I had to do. I’m saying the universe appears, in figure 1 “3-dimensional in our universe,” or “other matter universes,” and showed you the universes will be mentioned. It can say that the universe appears. Only in the universe, including quantum worlds “quantum universe” for short. All shape of the “super unıverse” referred to by name. In addition, I will in the future Bird “hiper unıverse” will be the definition.

There is no antimatter universe. 

Anti unıverse has the same structure as described above. It is a full copy of our universe. In fact, standing in the same place each other because even though we can not understand 180 ° phase difference.


Fıgure 3 Quantum Levels and Wave Frequency

The first collision of matter anti-matter in the universe must have been a lot of substance. Multi-drug means that it requires a short-lived. He first exploded when the universe where gravity falls again. However, due to the difference in phase ıt can not catch to the anti matter. The universe is a black hole, such as a pulse is converted into a white hole. The first exploded and quickly closes again at the same speed as the rear side whitehole expands. Here we have one of these universes could be next. This explains why antimatter is not seen. However, very little substance in the universe to be an alternative to other people rises. Each black hole is thought to be a universe. Article according to the amount we have to be such a secondary black hole. If you really are in a secondary black hole is possible to understand it. Because the universe must have a structure that can create whitehole And this one must be unique.Only quasars can turn to whileholes how ever there are too many Quasars.

The answer may be simple in this situation. Quasar Quasars In fact, this may be all the same. Too far from the center of the universe that we see him. But the light, traveling around the universe, can come to us from all sides. If the science, all of Quasar Quasars actually realize there is only one fully known at that time the size of the universe. Even more interesting, the Hubble Telescope deep field photograph taken of our galaxy may even be one of the galaxies. In other words, our universe may not be great as expected at all. Space telescope sees things in reverse direction around and looked at her again reaching its rays. This is shown in Figure 5. The figure, a, b, c points to the same spot and showed direction of each color, all people facing the central body sees.

This is one of the quasar which should be close to us. That means close to what we see directly. If you look at the complete opposite direction, still need to see the same Quasar. This is exactly the diameter of the universe gives us. But the universe is a sphere flattened Quasar environment allow us to see various distances. If you have data to support this situation in a universe that our secondary is final. Here is shown in Figure 1, “other matter universes” parallel universe or universes, this secondary unıverses said. Figure 8 also appears in this sub-universes. In this universe, the universe is in the form in the universe. But all of them, such as figure 2, depend on the quantum universe.

Quasars in the Universe seem to have only told, but the situation is not so certain. In other words, the Universe has no one Quasar. I see this expression I have chosen to draw attention to an important issue. The universe of black holes at an angle of 90 ° 4 dimensions (3 spaces the size of the upright) pierces the line. Known does the same thing in the universe of all black holes. In other words, the universe, all the smoke in the same direction. Here are all the black holes in this case means that the newly formed sub-universe opens. What black hole swallows matter would swallow every inch the outskirts of the universe. In this case, all the same Quasar Quasar is not a lot of our universe but not necessarily part of the our views in several ways. Science can detect the same case; I do not know what happened. But at least we will see by looking at the two opposite directions Quasar Quasar may be the same.


Fıgure 4 Phase Oscillation cause membrane engagements also ın all engegement a unıverse couple are generated.

This situation leads us to another conclusion. Taking all the black holes of mass violence must be the same universe. I do not know what science says about this but nothing was opened by the power of the universe appears, according to the shooting of a black hole mass is the amount of the total. This is a tremendous attraction. If the substance swallowed by a blackhole substance of his gravity wins swallows and others. Each black hole is the same as shooting power per say, but this unit is the power of attraction. Total diameter of the black hole determines the strength of attraction. The larger the diameter of gravity for increased space will increase.  And the radius of the blackhole is determined by the matter which blackhole swallowed.

Extra dimensions and gravity… 


Figure 5 a,b,c are the same points and if we look any direction to the unıverse, we can see the quasar in the middle of the unıverse.

Figure 1 and Figure 2, combined with the above-described state, the shape is 6. As we have seen the outermost sphere represents the atom. Corresponds to both the atom and corresponds to the astral level. At the same time and out of this level corresponds to our universe. Atom has a 4-dimensional space. And the component of that 4 dimensined space are proton, neutron and the electrons.Each proton or neutron, and quarks in the same way there are 5-dimensional space. The most we get inside the 11-dimensional space. We’re not in this relationship spaces. But the gravity transcends all of these spaces. Here are attracted to him against us after the Big Bang effected membrane. Against the membrane our masses are continues to attract. 11. All layers of quantum gravity beyond the size of the shape starting out 3-dimensional space is distributed. We see this situation in the form of masses attract each other. “3-dimensional space than the other dimensions curled at each point is” not exactly the right word. Indeed, “4-11. Reserved in all dimensions of the atom should be “.

One of the important issues that make up the space of what is mass. That is, a blackhole, swallowed up to the amount of space creates a mass. Volume of the mass amount of people that proportion will grow a new swallov action. This is another proof to us that we are a black hole. If you are currently top of the black hole mass ratio of the universe that will expand the universe of matter falls. Thus, the expansion rate of the universe will grow. But this is nothing more than to expand domain. Now look at him. 

The universe is losing mass

In fact, the most incredible thing is that the universe is losing mass. No mass could explain how incredible could be the result of philosophical mention before.

Science does not say anything about it is very strange. Because the universe is to accept the missing mass, allows unknown answers too many questions. At first explain why the universe is expanding exponentially. It’s all in detail.

If the universe is getting low mass of the universe will decrease traction force. Thus, the first increase for the current escape rate decreases shooting. As you continue to decrease in the escape rate we will see increasingly accelerated. This situation may exist in galaxy clusters olurda explains to us how the universe. Because the galaxies are accelerating away from each other as well be called the elements of a cluster of galaxies. Must be one or the other. Only those called are declining attraction.

In fact, diminution of mass is not very strange. Because the system is formed after the Big Bang full article taking the opposite may occur and then again before the process started membrane to membrane return is doing. He’s say, if the “atomic” for any reason, the shape of the outer shell 6, the lower parts immediately assigns the element of 4-dimensional space. 3-D space is no longer detected. However, the effect of gravity will continue to pursue. Atomic dispersed sub-divided into elements. In other words, protons, neutrons and electrons is converted. Atom is broken wave vibration is changing. So, new wave vibration rates of all the particles are atoms. Thus, all particles of the universe that appears is not detectable. Job does not end the breakup of the atom. The process continues into the sub-particles. One is a proton quark divided when it comes. More sub-particles quarks, saying the process will continue until the cords. But all the particles in the mass effect of these processes will continue. The mass of an atom is equal to the sum of its constituent particles. Mass loss does not occur in the universe for him. Mass loss does not occur, but he can not see the particles. Here is this thing called dark matter particles. We feel the effect of gravity, but can not see them. The reason of not seeing them is; difference at vibration frequency and the dimension of the energy. Atom is the first and the major component of the quantum world. It is placed at the lowest level on the quantum unıverse. I called that level is the Astral Level. This is a 4 time and 1 location dimensioned level. So, the atom is a component of the 4 dimensioned space. The known unıverse is placed at the lowest astral level and we are seeing the reflections of that atomic movements. Figure 3  is consisted of vibration freq. At all levels. Figure 7 is consist of all particules at different quantum levels. The particules are placed by the specified energy levels. Atom and proton is in the same dimension but there is a energy level difference between these two elements. If the atom is teared to the pieces, it get far from the astral level. By that way we can not see them but as a dark matter, we can feel the gravitational behavior of it.


Fıgure 6 3 dimension view of Figure 1 and Figure 2. the known 3 dimension is placed out of the atom surface and the other 8 dimensions are in the atom surface.

At the first big bang moment, there are some strings are occured and they seperated as anti matter also they are the minimized blackholes. So the strings that we have seen in the string teories are mini model of black holes. We know them as a initial black holes. There are 4 types of black holes existed. We can group them with angular momentum and electrical charfge. I suppose that, the string which creates the matter is the Kerr-Newman type so it has electrical charge and angular velocity. So that string occures with its twin. However, the membrane that they are created on is pulled by the anti membrane. When the string is pulling the anti membrane, also the anti membrane is pulling the membrane. Therefore we are understanding that pulling as the gravity.So the gravity is come to us from the anti membrane at the 11. dimension. But we feel that is comming from the mass. Actually the force center location is placed in the atom and its combined with the others and gets more bigger. The electrical charges at  the strings should be a bit different from the charges that we learn on the earth.

Uncharged Blackholes creates some unmassed particules, for example schwazschild blackhole is one of them. Science will critisize that better. Also that situtation can explane the generation of the blackholes. High amounth of pressure could combine the strings together. Mini blackholes (strings) are come together and turn to a big blackholes. Also, blackholes explane us the pysical properties of the matter. While we are talking about to get into pieces, figure 6 could be so helpfull. İf we have to thing that duration on proton, we have clean the atom level from the figure. At that time whole space will be protons place. So it would be in the 4 dimensioned space. These dimensions are times. Location is a 1 dimensioned space. So that the goal, the most important point; actually the whole unıverse is a blackhole. The dimensions are placed in atoms and the levels can go to the string.

As for the status process is different cords. Wave vibration of strings by increasing the current speed reaches the first born. The same process applies to anti-particles in the universe twin. All along the development process, who lived in parallel anti-particles, due to the difference in phase between each other. But when I moved the speed of vibrations of the gamma rays perceive each other. I will mention later how this situation can occur. At the same time that they were born into space are membran’s. When combined each other to detect the radiation is not converted masses. At that time, the universe is missing matter. Strange but true fact, the lack of universe very large amounts of mass.

Merged into 2-dimensional spin membrane cords into radiation. This membranes’, the mass must be a non-gamma radiation. In the form of a circle of infinite length of their shows. When combined mass of cords just flowing back and forth at each other at the same time is not reset to zero. Thus, the time and turn into something that is not subject to the mass.

I told you before, membranes’ can swing phases. That phase is associated with the release of mass loss. Masses group, group of 11-dimensional space divided into sub-particles flows. This enables the release of discrete phase flow membranes’. Came to the same environment where the level of vibrations is memranes’. At the same flow in the opposite direction occurs. In other words, the same process antievrende lives. Oscillations due to the formation, strings-formed-loads pushing for membrane. And pushes against the membrane so that the matter against the repeated collision. By itself is not mentioned here membranes’ release, you must understand that by phase. This occurs in Figure 3.

That pushes the strings membranes’ phases, also pushed its phases. Impulse response in accordance with Article membrane twines phase by phase in the antimembran pushed by anti-twine. Here is the same value as this will ensure that the twin phases of strings. Thus each other are detected. Who had come all the strings live in 11 dimensional space with an explosion occurs in this process. Returns to the big bang explosion that left another form the membrane cords. Feed back bang is not a single bang, it happens step by step.

When has the matter loss began?

The loss of matter should not be started at the begging of the cosmic history.  Because there is not a mecanism works on that has borned yet. In a journal, “At the first half of cosmic history, unıverse speed is get slower day by day, but than some inspireable power insrease the speed of the unıverse. That the mystick power is the starting point of losing matter.With the beginnig of matter loss, unıverse get more faster and faster. But before that the speed was always getting slower after the bigbang. İncrease in the matter loss, decrease the gravity. By the loss on gravity, expansion speed gets more faster. It will keep continue to increase the speed.

It seen that from bigbang to matter beginning the whole duration is meaninful. But the inverse action is not so natural. These mechanisms are explaned in  in turkish language.

Why the Universe is not co-distributed? 

Recognizing the main status in the universe that we will try to explain. Figure 8, the main structure of the universe and tried to give the sub-universes. The first explosion was in two stages, said the main universe. Here is the second explosion of matter and antimatter is the result of the merger strings. This is a chance in the universe began to expand new areas not yet merge with cords. That difference grows, creates a universe of strings meet points. Thus, co-distribution of the universe would be impaired. String formation then continues to boom. But for the separation takes place of explosion does not occur anymore. Thus, some twine will be destroyed. None of the cords of the universe are placed those points will be different from other points. The universe expands and this creates a point of antidistinction  large gaps between clusters of galaxies form. In the known unıverse, the balance  has been lost so the gravity creates the galaxies.  Closed and opened all the information is transferred to the next main universes will continue the same process. In fact, due to the transfer of knowledge blackholes even in the universes will have the same structure.

What is a reverse flow of time?

Energy of our universe seems to occur. Consisted of two masses are separated by large explosion energy. The same thing applies in time. Displaying the universe as a reverse flow of time in the past times. but mathematically possible. This situation shows anti unıverse time reverse flows. But each time should not be confused with entropy. More layouts disorder in the universe is true both in the entropy. He was born in elderly people antievrende to die young. Cause and effect relationship with us, is like. In fact, there is no problem in living in our twines the same time as we live. Because the entropy determines the relationship between cause and effect. For him the equivalent of two fully developed in the universe. In fact, it is equivalent to that! Reading these lines now exactly as your twin.

What does it mean to be a black hole in the universe?

Is the universe a black hole? I mean I asked the universe quantum universe. So the place is one dimensioned. Displaying the quantum universe is connected to the astral universe, but changes in time and space. This situation explains the structure of the quantum universe. We were there when the size of the converted space. When increasing the size of the converted space. This is incomprehensible to us as well as other issues, describes the uncertainty principle in physics.


Figure 7 From Atom to String, particals

When we do an experiment on a particle we have made her the space we are processing. More accurately, from where we’re looking at him, but he is moving at a location one-dimensional space. Here it is composed of the uncertainty principle. Dimensional motion of a particle is forced to a single three-dimensional look at a certain place. In fact, the only alternative for the particle size is not available for our look at the three sites. His response to a single dimension, all the space in three dimensions. In other words, the particle three-dimensional space, regardless of where in fact there is one-dimensional space. That situation seems to be uncertainty in us. Because of the road for a one-dimensional, three-dimensional space, there is only the infinite.

We are looking at the event and the thread is sleeping in a three-dimensional space. Particle in an infinite possibility of our strugle it goes on the road. We are also in other directions it difficult that a single particle in the space of their own ways because of its one-dimensional space. Three particle sizes as alternatives critisizing uncertainty.

In this situation, no matter how far away from each other at the same time co-particles also affected the status explains. We are actually considering the one-dimensional space, separating particles is not happening. Then you do not have to take the time to be affected.

Tunneling effect occurred at a similar, but I do not know under which conditions tunneling. But when there are obstacles in front of a particle exceeds it by looking at the thread again, we evaluate these three dimensions, must understand the situation.

What is the structure of quantum universe of time?

Quantum universe, the universe looks the biggest change between the time suffered something. There is no influence on our life time. That is what we do when we spontaneously flows. Here are replaced with space for the quantum world now does not flow spontaneously. Consists of time intervals, and that is to call at any time until he experiences a range of people entering.


Figure 8 After the first big bang, all created unıverses becomes smaller day to day and at the end of that duration unıverses disapper.

Mass bends time and energy. Will be closed on the quantum world is karatelik That twist. That said, when the camera creates Kurt Gödel. Its time for the quantum universe, on the forward, backward (or all along the dimensions of time) is likely to move. Every ring on the closing of a “moment” and is located right next to the ring at another time. Thus, all the time “moments” in the form. We recognize the opportunity to act as we act within the dimensions of space.

How will the universe end?

If we let the universe in which certain death, will be exhausted in the matter. We are open and closed sub-universe, the universe, even if we own the home will be included in the process and no substance leaves the entire system will run out of the entire universe. More accurately, will turn into to membrane. In fact, all the cords in the universe combine to create a new membrane but unlike a lot of to membrane first formed.

Figure 8 seem to master the universe which surrounds the sub-universes. I do not know, but most of all universes decreases the lack of substance shall be final. We do not sense this drop off. Because all the systems you seen are getting smaller. One thing which isnot smalling not able to observe the atom, but the atom has grown over time. Proved the existence of side effects and contraction. We are sure scientists will find wonderful ways.

If we have to be in the main unıverse then the last. Will be closed because the universe does not much matter. He graduated from the masses of the universe and black holes will disappear. Smaller black holes in the universe will collapse and our universe will return to again fall below the threshold limit. Thus, a kind of universe would not evaporate.

I define that all systems in the whole unıverse above. In other words, the collision of membranes’ once told of the universe. However membranes collide too much. Or else a lot of membranes collide. So we live our lives in this development process could be other universes. Here’s appropriate to call all of these systems into the field I see the universe in the hiperunıverse. But we can not get into that relationship between the unıverses. They may even be out of calculations.

There could have been several mistakes but if the paper is interested by you, professional translation would solve that situation.

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